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Zhangjiagang City Development and Reform Commission to visit our company


November 21, 2015 In the morning, Zhang Zhenggang, director of Zhangjiagang Development and Reform Commission and his entourage came to visit our company with Chen Weibing, secretary of Leyu town. Zhang Bo Feng, chairman of our company received a reception.
Zhang Dong, accompanied by the visiting leaders visited the company's automobile production line, and introduced to the executive director and other leaders the current operation of the company, and the next development plan.
Mr. Chang praised the achievements made by Peony Motors. In particular, while listening to Zhang Dong's project on developing new energy vehicles, he said that the development of new energy vehicles is in line with relevant state policies and has very broad prospects for development.
In the end, Mr. Chang hoped that Peony Motors would make a brilliant future under the leadership of Zhang Dong.


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