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BRIC summit "Mudan" bloom


    In early September, the ninth BRIC leaders' meeting was held in Xiamen and attracted wide attention from all walks of life both at home and abroad. The "Hong Kong City Element" at the Xiamen Meeting - mudan auto also received much attention. mudan auto co., ltd, as the designated vehicle supplier, produced 15 Costex premium commercial vehicles to become the designated car for the summit, dazzling international show "Hong Kong-chi-chi." In addition, mudan auto also set up emergency services team of more than 10 people, 24 hours a day focused on the designated point of standby, providing spare parts supply and technical support.
    mudan auto general manager Gu Hongliang told reporters that this advanced commercial vehicle for mudan auto latest development and design, length 7 meters, with Isuzu engine, strong power, stable and comfortable shift, low fuel consumption, low noise; vehicle lightweight design; Good running stability, vehicle noise to reach the international level; Slim lines, elegant; spacious luxury room, mahogany desk, comfortable seats, comfortable handling, complete business car features and leading technology performance, to meet the reception demand.
    It is reported that from the beginning of this year, mudan auto participated in the competition with more than 10 well-known domestic automobile brands. After many inspections, mudan auto was finally selected as the designated vehicle supplier for this international conference. "Mudan auto is an old brand in the automotive industry after all. Mudan Automobile has matured in all aspects of production and service and has a lot of influence in the country, which gives us a lot of confidence in the competition." By the end of July, Peony Motors The officers arrived in Xiamen and officially handed over the ceremony on August 15.
    "It is both an opportunity and a challenge for us, and it has been more than three years since the company reorganized in 2014. It is time to pass on our new business card to the outside world and it is time for everyone to review and assess it." Gu Hongliang introduced that in 2014, mudan auto began recruiting talents from all over the country. After more than a year's integration, the company formally entered the production phase in 2015. In 2016, the Company actively transformed and upgraded. After adjusting its personnel and technology and effectively combining various factors of production, mudan auto achieved technological innovations and began to produce R & D and production of special vehicles such as police cars, school buses and the like. Subsequently, Peony Motors obtained another The new energy access production qualification, and ultimately achieved from a single traditional bus manufacturing to the traditional bus, new energy vehicles, special vehicles and police equipment manufacturing and other areas of development.
    "Any industry once most people have mastered the production technology, the production process has become mature, product profit will be reduced, this time we must open up a new road." Gu Hongliang said mudan auto transformation and upgrading of the road has just begun, after The scale of production will also continue to expand. In the future, mudan auto will strive to create a modern automotive industry base, relying on Le Yu Automotive Industry Park platform, continue to grow!

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