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The 15th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition


September 2017 The 15th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition featuring RV World will be held in RV World. MD5041 Motorhome with a distinctive style and stunning space designed to become the star car RV Conference.
Today is also a historic day for Mudan auto, with a new addition to its Peony family of cars, which continues Mudan auto's consistent excellence to join the booming caravan in China.

As a high-end motorhome, the MD5041 meets the national emission standards of 5 to meet the needs of 2-6 people traveling. The maximum number of beds is 3-4, which can meet the needs of many people or family. Living room, kitchen, bedroom and other functional areas, both in the spatial layout or details of the quality of the performance of talent.

MD5041 inherits the high-end elegant Cooper models, both internal and external temperament extraordinary.

Equipped with a satellite (military) receiver, stable performance, small size, beautiful appearance, functional excellence.

mudan car has a luxurious and generous space, comfortable seats, comfortable over control, a full range of car features and leading-edge technology to bring you a more humane philosophy of human enjoyment, high-quality materials and diversified equipment with high achievement Quality experience, the creation of China's new benchmark car!

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