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Mudan6 meters wide body Coaster Caravan JMC chassis sale 300,000


Domestic car industry in the end how fire? In Chase, Iveco, Transit chassis RV products with a serious denounced today, self-C, B-type to make high-quality, high value, high experience explosion models RV, very few? Coaster car in this year's car market was a fire in the market has been Gold Tour Coaster, Jiangling Coaster, Kowloon, Cooper motor tripartite confrontation at the same time, once the popular north-south - MUDAN AUTO, to six meters wide Coaster living Car into the RV industry, MD5041 motorhome, body size 5995 * 2160 * 2860 (mm); wheelbase 3300 (mm); semi-load-bearing body structure; power 85kw-106kw; load 2-6 people; Sell 300,000 yuan.

Appearance: MUDAN car with JMC chassis / JAC chassis two chassis, the appearance of four or four square bus modeling, golden paint and other Coaster can be described as the first chapter, if not both sides of the car RV windows and doors Side of the awning and the roof of the overhead air conditioning is difficult to distinguish from many with the same models Coaster and other models, which may be the biggest highlight of the Coaster car - too popular, too low-key.

Interior and layout: Into the car The whole car (beige) soft bag and car leather seat people shines, the interior soft package worthy of recognition; driving area layout will recall the once familiar convex Starting from the hood, deja vu, with the previous bus is different from the manufacturer with a blanket raised to the central part of the upgrade, the moment gives a sense of a sense of quality; driving area and reception area by embedding the LCD TV flexible partition and Will be separated from the shade pull the curtain; Passenger Area Independent sedan double seat on the deck (folding into the bed), kitchen system / bathroom layout, rear vertical bed so that the car appears to be quite satisfactory, pick the wrong car, The seat can be considered a small bright spot (since it can be fit for rest; the top of the rear double bed designed roof ventilation windows increase the car lighting; interior overall layout is the mainstream design, soft package is like, (seat + Bright panels + louvre, etc.) to enhance the small details Coaster car overall texture.

Configuration: molding interior; manual swing the door; driving built-in air conditioning, external power supply overhead air conditioning; reversing image; rear skylight; driver area floor leather, passenger area wood flooring; domestic water heater; Gas stoves, hoods; the overall bathroom; cooking station; Hanging cabinet; LCD TV; awning and other readily available.

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