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6770 (primary school bus) 6771 (kindergarten school bus)


Vehicle safety: from manufacturing materials and public welfare to ensure safety;
Rear emergency door: barrier-free rear emergency door design, open the protective cover on the security door, turn the handle clockwise to open, in the event of rapid evacuation learning to facilitate emergency escape, add security;
Environmentally friendly material: The car uses environmentally friendly materials to reduce pollution, prevent fires, protect the health of school children;
Structural Safety: Perfecting Security Systems from Structure to Details;
Flexible protective fence: In-depth study and analysis of emergency brakes, the extent of leaning forward the body, optimize the design of soft bag barrier to reduce the accidental injury of school children.


Basic parameters

BusMD6770X (for primary school students only), MD6771X (for young children only)
Max.speed(km/h)Engine ECU speed limit ≤80

Performance parameter

RemarkOptional: swing the door
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