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EV electric bus


Mudan EV pure electric bus E6E7E8 series inherits the elegant high-end Cooper models, internal and external temperament is extraordinary; lightweight and high load side by side; high stability and high storage battery specifications, so you enjoy the zero emission and high battery life Electric trip; battery and high-voltage unit ingenuity layout, for you to create a wider comfortable space.


Basic parameters


Performance parameter

Fuelnew energy
AuxiliaryABS, self-adjusting arms; Options: WABCO ABS
Power92.16KWh / lithium iron phosphate battery (Beijing State)
Endurance> 250KM (40KM uniform test conditions)
ElectricHigh-voltage distribution cabinet, DC / DC, DC / AC power integrated auxiliary system, vehicle controller
RemarkElectronic water tank, electric steering pump, electric pump
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